According to Negro News, "Jumbo, Maggi, Adja and other stock cubes are a must in most African cuisines, but they are nevertheless harmful to health. If this information is not new to some, it remains difficult for many to admit... These famous seasonings have the danger of causing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure because of their high salt content, to which must be added the fact that these additives give the illusion of taste and make people dependent on it to the point of not being able to cook without them even when its dangers are well known. Eating well is good, but eating healthy is better."

Dear friends, for several years we have constantly warned you against the kinds of poisons you consume with appetite every day. Among these poisons there are the flavour enhancers in general, that is to say all those products you use supposedly to season your dishes and give them a more pleasant taste. All of these products are very dangerous poisons as you will find out below by reading an excerpt from the résumé of the report of a scientific study made in this regard.

Stock cubes, flavourings, and other flavour enhancers, regardless of their names, are extremely dangerous poisons to be avoided by all those who value their lives and health. These poisons are as dangerous as cigarettes, to say the least. You, who have fled from cigarette-smoking for its dangerousness and who consume stock cubes called Maggi and other such filths, have understood nothing. In reality, there is no difference between these products, in terms of harmfulness. And if you want, the only difference that exists between a packet of cigarette and a packet of stock cube Maggi is that on one of the packets it is written in large characters "CIGARETTE KILLS", whereas, the other packet has nothing as such on it. This, of course, is a flagrant cheating.

If the authorities in your countries were working for your good and your health, and not for their selfish interests and those of the multinationals and other companies that corrupt them, they would either have banned these poisons or demand that the words "STOCK CUBES AND FLAVOURINGS KILL" be engraved on each packet of stock cubes Maggi, and on each bottle of Maggi seasoning. Unfortunately they do not do it, and they will never do so.

Now that it is clear that you cannot rely on your rulers to protect you, because they are corrupt to the marrow, it is up to you to watch over your health. And if you are not ready to overcome covetousness, if you prefer "sweetened" poisons or poisons with "exquisite" taste, be prepared to pay the price, be prepared to bear the consequences. Good reading!


Sexual weakness in men, Vaginal bleeding, Uro-genital disorders, Cardiac disorders, Hypotension or Hypertension, Gastritis, Behaviour disorders in children, Prostate swelling, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, (diabetes, hemorrhoids, obesity, various disorders of vision, fall of general immunity), etc ... These are the risks highlighted by a national workshop on the dangers associated with the consumption of flavourings and other flavour enhancers (stock cubes Maggi, Ajinomoto, etc.).

While the participants welcomed the initiative of the meeting, they are quickly disappointed. The report they produced will never be made public. The pressure exerted by the food industries used all its weight. The complicity of the State as well... The résumé of the document!

The workshop was held at the end of 2010 at the CICB. It brought together all the specialised departments, headquarters and structures (Ministries of Health, Livestock, food safety agencies, health laboratories, veterinarians, researchers and academics...). The agenda had to do with the dangers of food additives, i.e. taste enhancers, all of which are abusively referred to in Mali as "stock cubes" and/or "Flavouring Maggi".

For three days, the participants each delivered results of their research and gave very heartbreaking testimonies on the subject. It is clear from the synthesis of the report which has been communicated to us ..., that the principal chemical element used in most food additives which are taste enhancers, is called Monosodium glutamate or MSG (E 621). Also called "flavour enhancer", it is a white powder with the appearance of sugar and having the peculiarity of enhancing the taste of the ingredients to which it is mixed. Today, it is one of the most contested products same as nicotine.

What really is Monosodium glutamate?

This is the definition of experts as concerns the product:

Chemically speaking, Monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid (one of the 20 non-essential natural amino acids that make up proteins). That explains the name of "Mono sodium glutamate".

Concretely, it is a white powder (composed of small crystals) that dissolves quickly in water or saliva. Once dissolved, the substance separates into sodium and glutamate.

Glutamate is made by fermenting a starch and sugar (such as sugar cane, molasses).

The glutamic acid was first isolated from gluten (wheat) and was discovered as the essence of the delicious tastes of nice kinds of soup prepared in Japan.

It is a naturally occurring chemical, "hydrolysed proteins" and "spices" in a food product label. The use of Monosodium glutamate is sometimes hidden in food labels under different names like "natural seasonings" ... ".

Very high risks

It emerged from the various papers at the workshop that Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is exaggeratedly used in food additives in Mali and without any control. The same story applies both in imported and locally manufactured products. The participants deplored the timidity or even the absence of controls at this level. Even at low doses, the product is not safe in the long term.

According to testimonies, researchers use it in their labs in order to make mice obese within the strict framework of their work on diabetes. Clearly, they make mice obese by instilling Glutamate in order to observe the effect of insulin. These rodents are called "RATS TREATED WITH MSG".

One can understand why in Central Africa, as it happens, women use it anally, not without danger, to make their buttocks more rounded and more protruded.

Other testimonies from veterinarians reveal that in high doses, Monosodium glutamate is used in peasant environments to castrate plowing cattle. The effect, they say, is immediate!

In humans and according to the sensitivity of individuals, the ills can vary from one person to another.

It must be said, in view of the magnitude of the danger that the workshop participants suggested to the highest authorities of the country, the moralization or even the outright banning of this product in food additives improperly called "Stock Cubes" and/or "Flavouring-Maggi". These products are first and foremost trademarks which have given their name to all other flavour enhancers.

The reaction of Malian manufacturers

From what was gathered from the organizers of the workshop, the agro-food industries and those operating in food additives in this case strongly opposed the publication of the famous report. Arguing, in the first place not to have been involved in the workshop, and then warning against unemployment that a possible reluctance that consumers would have for their products, would create.

Their only argument that has really prevailed is that Monosodium glutamate in question in this case is authorized in all the agro-food industries of the world, including France, the United States ... In short, no country has for the moment forbidden this substance which, moreover, proves to be natural.

At the National Agency for Food Safety, they wanted to edify us, of course, in anonymity: "Glutamate is indeed authorized in France as in the United States, but under conditions that their dosages are well-regulated and controlled. There are maximum and minimum allowable amounts for different types of food, which is not the case in our country ...".

Because of the outcry raised against glutamate in the United States, our source says, some Asian restaurants were forced to display the "NO MSG HERE”!! "(No Glutamate here!).

As if to say that the argument of the Malian manufacturers is very weak and that the pressure exerted by the agro-food stays everywhere the same throughout the world.

In Mali, the famous report is still lying in the drawers of the state administration and no one among the organizers, let alone the participants, does not intend to dust it.

B.S. Diarra


After reading this article that confirms that seasoned broths and other flavourings are harmful poisons and very dangerous for our health, you will probably ask yourself if it is still possible to get rid of these poisons. This question is proof that the problem of stock cubes is not only physical, it is also and above all spiritual. These poisons are like incantations that bind you as soon as you start using them, to the point that you need a real deliverance to detach you from them or to abandon them.

Be aware, however, that you do not need special prayers to be freed from stock cube Maggi links and these other abominable flavourings. Everything is a matter of will. If you truly care about your health, you will have the courage to say NO to all forms of poison, whatever it may be, and free yourself from it once and for all. Do not forget that before these poisons flooded the markets our parents were making excellent dishes, just with natural ingredients. And we who have succeeded in saying NO to these poisons, make dishes of exquisite taste, using only natural spices that you all know: Onion, garlic, pepper, ginger, parsley, leek, etc.

If you are one of those who think that suicide involves throwing yourself from a high building or taking an exaggerated dose of certain tablets or certain medications, you have been mistaken. If you choose to deliberately and consciously consume poison, even if it is a small dose each day, you have opted for suicide, a sweetened suicide. Let him who has ears hears!

May The Lord bless you!


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